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Mariano Di Vaio As A Fashion Discovery In 2012

   Mariano Di Vaio is a name know everyone who is interested in fashion and keep track of his actions on the fashion blog. This handsome and with only 23 years old italian earned the sympathy of many people impeccable beauty and a great sense of style.

  Watch out, this guy can do everything. Mariano Di Vaio is 23 years old and many fashion lovers around the world. Knock personal charm, grace and a sense of style.

   Mariano was born in Assisi, Italy in 1989. He moved to London in 2008 when he was just 18teen years old! Raised in Hammersmit, Mariano developed a unique talent into acting and modeling, to be one of the most exciting new star to come out the UK in 2010.

   He first worked in Italy when he was 17-year old, and now he is trying to pursue his career first in London, then he has been selected to get a scholarship for "New York Film Academy" here in NY. He has been on "Vogue" most times and recently in TV.Right now he is studying in one of the best Academy in the world such as "New York Film Academy" to improve his talent!

    His popularity is increasing day by day which can be easily seen on Facebook where more than 30,000 fans. It has become a fashion icon as well as an inspiring guys what to dress to make it fashionable and comfortable. He is the best role model! Mariano has a wide range of choices depending on the situation. Everyone is able to find a blog something for everyone, both for work and for evening party. His blog is a kind of bottomless mine of ideas which I really like.

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   Beautiful sunny afternoon. European Hotel in the center of Warsaw. At the entrance to the hotel a smile and a nod of the head receptionist greets me. I pretend that I know where I'm going and a step directed toward the stairs. I'm lost already on the landing so I called. In front of me goes a step nonchalant man dressed in sports and invites me to his atelier. The road leads to a small hallway atelier, the air is filled with the smell of the hotel's kitchen, and on the way we pass a two playful women. On-site seamstress encounter, scrap materials scattered around the room while the other room, great sofa and ready to have models of clothes. In a friendly atmosphere we expect the PR Manager. And she appears. Slender, ethereal blonde with captivating eyes. Already after the first few sentences I was able to fall in love with her since then, however, its charm lies not pronounce "r". And it is really cool.

   I have before me two very nice and open people who are working together create a brand PAPILLON. PAPILLON is a young brand, which was founded in 2012. It is created by a duo of fashion lovers who together created a few collections of the famous Polish fashion brands decided to translate his vision of women in the original projects.

   In his studio in Warsaw implement individual - unique contract, and contract projects, the so-called regular production for major clothing companies. Operation begins with the drawing, but together intensively involved in the creation of a further stage. Total derive fabrics and colors are also based on the economic aspects, that is, consumption and availability of raw materials. Every detail is discussed with the designers and finally analyze the stitching standard on models. On the basis of the production process is prepared each model.

   If they were to characterize the direction of the design at achieving what it is above all the nobility of both the fabrics and styles. Starting work on a collection for women bold and modern, including the temperament with a strong sex appeal,
while loving excellent performance and very far from the kitsch.

   In a rather unconventional way to combine fabric. We are happy to combine with skin organza, silk and jersey. But they want to keep their classic style, so even a little futuristic detail does not escape too far from the classics. Focus on cuts and inserts modeling figure and often refine gorsetami dresses, which at first glance do not quite see. Each ribbon, or a seam fasteners carefully analyze and do not leave anything to chance, we're almost doomed to perfection.

   They look to the future in two ways. On the one hand are planning to develop a line BASIC, which will be produced in full standard sizing and affordable prices. Currently working on building a sales network in multibrendowych stores and on this basis will be planning the next collection of this line.
The second activity is the essence of designing and making individual orders. In this way they can meet the expectations of women, as well as respond quickly to changing trends. This area of work allows them to continuous learning and experience is the basis for the development of every business.

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