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Fashionable KIDS

                                                                                        FASHION + KIDS = SWEETNESS <3

   Is the world of fashion is reserved only for adults? Well, no! Famous Brand decided to meet the challenge and create a clothing line specifically designed for little ones. The children's fashion, you can also find an amazing diversity and creativity, which we know from the catwalks of New York, London, Paris or Milan.

   Great designers are increasingly eager to design for children. This time, the debut line of clothes for children offered French fashion house Lanvin.

   Lanvin collection for spring / summer 2012 for girls aged 4 to 10 years hit the market in November. Reflects the "super-luxury" nature of Lanvin and will consist of 25 clothing. The aim was to bring fashion house fashion vision to the world of children, but also to stay in the world of luxury and is the top shelf.

The collection consists of dresses, T-shirts, jackets, sweaters and accessories. The prices are very high and this is because the youngest materials are ten times more expensive than the average collection of clothes for children.

Lanvin headed by Alber Elbaz is now one of the most prestigious fashion houses, known primarily from the collection of women's fashion, but from tradition in designing for children. Jeanne Lanvin, who in 1909 founded the brand was famous for designing beautiful clothes for children.

Lanvin is also the first luxury fashion house, which focuses on young customers and their parents rather ... Collections for children to successfully sell the Stella McCartney, Gucci, as well as Polish designer Ewa Minge.

   Stella McCartney and more recently Gucci and Fendi is a brand that join the sewing designer clothes for children.

   Children's business is unique. Few spare penny on clothes and accessories for their children, and the fact that the design for the little ones to take the next luxury brand is a sign that the recession is coming to an end.

   What puts designers? Some of these little ones dressed in mini-versions of their specific projects. Paul Smith has a collection of children's shirts with colorful prints, Jean Paul Gaultier neck mini-trench coats, a colorful Missoni knits.

   Modular house artistic director Gucci, Frida Giannini explained that she had a problem with the line child, because Gucci is known for its projects, full of femininity and sex appeal. How does it translate into children's clothes? Frida reached into the archives and found there are many designs that will successfully fit the kids.


   Silvia Fendi began designing children when she learned that she will be a grandmother. In collaboration with Simonetta brand first launched accessories, ranging from bibs to the trucks, and we ended up with a complete collection of children for children aged 0 to 12 years.

   Stella McCartney expecting fourth child, also decided to create a whole collection of children. Stella already designing clothes for Gapa, is available from November her own line of Stella McCartney Kids. Features: clothes to be affordable, so instead of hanging in the closet will be able to roll on to the child in a sandbox, otherwise known for its green design Stella is definitely not for production use anything that is not eco.

   For the less well-off parents or those who think that buying baby clothes from designers to recommend unnecessary investment chain stores. H & M and ZARA have a very extensive range and targeted for kids at affordable prices. Let our children also look fashionable!

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