domingo, 29 de noviembre de 2015

" in the skin of a camel "

Coats - Your second skin on winter.

Hello people :) Sentences on coats and their color is vaguely divided. I want to prove that the coat in camel-colored wool is not as bad as most men believe. Trust me!

   If you're talking about the kind of elegant coats diplomat, is the most we mean black, navy and gray. These colors are considered to be formal and perfectly suited for the so-called sets. Much less likely to meet shades of brown. Beige color is considered to be impractical and very rarely it on Polish streets.

   Reluctance to beige is also due to fairly widespread belief that it is a very versatile color, in addition assigned to only certain types of beauty. I think that there is no such thing as color appropriate or inappropriate for the skin - only the colors are more difficult and easier. Whether or not a particular item will fit a particular type of beauty it depends also, and perhaps above all of that with which it paired. Boring and bland beige takes on the nature combined with a more expressive colors. The worst in my opinion falls in combination apparently the best, and so with shades of brown, especially the type of light. Proper selection of scarf, pants, shoes and accessories makes the clothing of a similar color to the color of the skin become character.

   Coats in beige color may also occur as universal. Coat in the color suited to the clothes in shades of gray, brown, blue, green, and so virtually all the most popular color men's wardrobe. The contrast in combination with dark blue or gray beige trousers give such a character and beauty. Advise people not only connect with a bright beige. The big advantage of this color is the fact that, despite quiet and subdued tone will positively stand out against a black and gray coats encountered on the streets.

The images below show that wool coat camelowy can also be very versatile in terms of style. We see him in statements formal and casual.


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