lunes, 16 de septiembre de 2013

RAMONES your fashion must-have

RAMONES your fashion must-have 

Hello my friends !!!
I know I know summer is over, the rain is getting you depressed and bla bla bla… Every year is the same story, I used to be a very “metereopatic” person, you know when the time changes and you get a little bit sad and when its sunny you’re happy...
Anyway it’s time to wear some jackets !

 Its hallmarks are inclined slider and jets pointed flap and studs. Ramones has made outstanding career path of beating the favorites bikers after a stylish addition presented on the catwalk. Designers at once replacing the skin soft fabrics and black gave way to an intense and pastel color.

   Father ramones is the designer Irving Schott, who in 1928 created a zipped slant Perfecto jacket brand. Leather article of clothing remained on the periphery of fashion until the mid-'50s, when Marlon Brando wore it in the movie "Wild" in 1954. In two decades later ramones became a symbol of the counterculture and punk movements, worn by members of the cult bands of the Sex Pistols and the ramones, from which it takes its name. Today jacket is considered to be the fashion must-have for each gender, and the next classic leather version, there are also the lighter variations.

Ramones widens the upper body, so it is not recommended for girls with broad shoulders and expanded chest. It looks great on the "pears" and adds inches for women with small breasts. If your problem is tummy, choose a slightly longer models, ending just above the waist and wear it unbuttoned, imposed on a contrasting top. Short jacket perfectly emphasize the waist with girls who are deprived of it. Ramones check in virtually any styling. The rock is the quintessential romantic claw added, and the simple and everyday - nature.

  Ambassadors ramones on the runways are primarily fashion houses Balmain and Balenciaga. This season, the first one remains faithful to a leather classics, while the second proposes a jacket inspired by the super-trendy military style. Passion for models in rainbow colors and decorated with flowers showed Philip Lim. Acne is proposed combining black leather jacket and jeans, and Christopher Kane he married rock and glamor model with a silk sewn in various shades of pink. Heavy leather jackets spring are advised to leave the cabinet and replace them with lightweight fabrics ramones in pastel or fluorescent colors.

jueves, 12 de septiembre de 2013


Being a hipster - retro, eco no logo !

Hello my friends! 
How's life?
 I'm quite good, I've high hopes for this new september, lots of things are coming and I'm quite positive about all of them. 
Today, the fire take such a phenomenon which is HIPSTER.
 How to recognize a hipster? 
Read, and will know!

   iPod in your pocket, in the hand piece with the logo of "fair trade" and the head cap and thick-rimmed glasses. Both loved and hated, hipsters conquest the world of pop culture, fashion and men carried a small revolution. Combining the old with the new, and the men from the women developed a distinctive style that instantly found fans and followers.

  Hipster styling is primarily a proposal for lean men. Guys with larger dimensions slightly more difficult to enter into this aesthetic convention because its base is pants - tube and matching t-shirts (preferably with an unusual print) and shirts (preferably in a lattice). For this thin cardigan or tailored jacket worn with a cotton t-shirt. Will be welcome with heavily textured sweaters and cardigans vests.

  Deliberately stylized, sophisticated in second-hand or closet grandfather. Clothes retro hipster following, willingly drawing on the aesthetics of the 60s and 70 In search of fashion inspiration should dust off film library and consult the episodes of the cult TV series "The Wonder Years" and quite modern "Pink '70s" where youth styles are obvious. Similarities impose themselves.

   Dressup hipster must complete accessories. Starting from the head: woolen cap (regardless of weather), thick-rimmed glasses and, for the brave, the tunnels in his ears. Loosely around his neck and wrapped up scarf, chimney cross on a chain or dog tags. The hands straps, beads, bracelets festival, in your hand or on the shoulder big bag. At the foot ankle boots, sneakers, loafers or espadrilles - the choice depends on the season.

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domingo, 1 de septiembre de 2013

Bow tie is a higher degree of initiation.


Hello guys! How’s life going? Rainy Sunday persuaded me to write another entry. Today, the fire take BOW TIE. Do you like this part of your wardrobe? I hope so !!!

 Bow tie is style and elegance. Bow tie is eccentricity. Bow tie is a higher degree of initiation. How to wear it?

    Bow tie is the perfect way of letting go "fashion" of the eye. Carried in casual or even half stylizations sports - polo shirt, shorts and jackets - bow tie, "she says," that the owner knows the trends and canons, but also free them plays, not allowing them to be limited. In a word - has its own style.

    For a taste of old world and due to the fact that the bow tie is harder to forge than a tie, it does not belong to the most popular items of clothing. It's a shame, you might want to change that!

   When you take the bow tie (when, not if - I really recommend), remember that you do not need to assume the tails (though they will fit together perfectly). Do not limit yourself to the formal styling. And if so, should it break - for example, create a patterned shirt and colorful shoes.

  Today, more and more can be found in the company of a more informal denim shirt, cardigans and sweater. Everything depends on our imagination. Just remember that if we choose styling casual bow tie with tweeds, wool and other more informal fabrics. Satin and silk leave in the evening.