sábado, 25 de enero de 2014

...and we have winter


Hello my super friends !!!
How do you deal with the winter cold? I hope that you dress warmly!
Below are some suggestions for winter chills. Take care ;)

   Winter in full, but the winter jackets may seem late, because there are already stores spring collections. On the other hand, are still ongoing sales, so you can buy clothes and shoes from collection autumn-winter with a big discount. This is a good time to malls find their real pearls and enrich your wardrobe with warm clothes.

   A good, warm winter jacket is always worth having in your closet, especially if you often move on foot in winter conditions. For people who have overcome long distances every day jacket, next to shoes, should be a priority. And regardless of the weather conditions.

   I do not know about you but I prefer the layered system. The closest body thin merino wool underwear. Then we layer against cold and here are all sorts of possibilities: shirt and jacket, or a thick wool sweater. At low temperatures, we can make very thick feather vest.

   Recently I test light and fairly short jacket husky type of polyamide outer fabric and polyamide lining and filled with polyester yarn. The effects are decent. At the top there is already a thin jacket without warming acting as a "wind-breaker" and, if necessary, to protect against rain and snow. At very low temperatures, of course, all pozapinane plus suitable additives, such as hat, scarf, gloves. On the other hand, when it gets warm enough to unbutton his jacket, and the intermediate layer further maintains adequate thermal comfort. When it is even warmer rid of the jacket. As a result, we have the flexibility to adapt to changing weather conditions. Gentlemen just remember at the end of the warm underwear. Do not expose your genitals to frostbite. :P Keep up the heat !

jueves, 16 de enero de 2014

Men's fashion straight from the fair Pitti Uomo 2014

 Pitti Uomo 85

  Ciao a tutti, Come stai? 
Ancora un’edizione di successo, piena di energia, creatività e business per il salone italiano della moda internazionale. 
Just as assessed by the Italian press four-day fashion week which took place in Florence. 
No one has such a good sense of style as the Italians 
Men in matching shirts tempt much more than the fair sex. Neither pretends that he has 10 minutes. Before the mirror, all you can see that they want, like and need to look good. Instead conceptual uniseksowych bags wear well tailored clothes emphasizing the muscular shoulders and broad shoulders! 
No signs of neurotic pallor, venturing and nurture impotence - everything is sensual, mouth-watering, entices and wants.

   Have you heard of Pitti Uomo? If you have, it probably conjures up images of smartly dressed Italians striding across a piazza, their short trousers flapping in the breeze, and lots of male jewellery. In recent years, Pitti has changed. A reputation won online for seriously stylish men and larger-than-life characters has led to it being swamped by photographers, bloggers and more of those characters. They congregate outside the main building, in a self-sustaining swirl of smiles and DSLRs. 

“Pitti has the combination of great brands exhibiting and style everywhere you look.

Alessandro Squarzi

   Pitti was traditionally the first stop on the menswear circuit and set the tone for the season to come. Exhibitors are able to dress their stalls in any way they like and many create installations with as much painstaking creativity and attention to detail as something you might see in a flagship store. But more than that, it’s become something of a peacock’s dream, filled with superbly dressed industry insiders from all over the world, who attempt to outdo each other’s pattern mixing, colour combinations, and precision-cut suiting proportions, much to the delight of the world’s top street-style photographers.

   One of the downsides of the proliferation of photographers has been the ubiquity of images depicting what could be referred to as the “Pitti Look” — cropped suit jackets over oxford-cloth button-downs with knit ties, precision-folded pocket squares, cropped, tapered, and cuffed pants, and heavy-soled wingtips.

Street Style Photos at Pitti Uomo in Florence, Italy