lunes, 17 de febrero de 2014

Wearing a beard is sexy !


Hello my friends, how's life going? Today I would like to mention the trend associated with the masculine style more than the clothes. As for the beard and a large, covering the whole face. 
Hope you like it!

   Fashion, both men and women, this is one characteristic feature - always comes full circle and come back every few years, trends that have ever been. Beard men never disappeared, but for the past several years were associated only with older masters, and yet in the eighties, it can be seen on the faces of young men. Then suddenly disappeared or significantly decreased. You do not cover the whole face, but its fragments and were much shorter. On the other hand, in recent years become the most popular stubble.

   Today it is not difficult to find on the street young men with a lush growth of beard on his face. I wondered whether this trend can undertake wider group of men in our country, or remain only feature of hipsters, who for a long time wear big beard. But they wear them, because it was unfashionable. And what if the beard will become fashionable? Sure it short, because it will be too mainstream.

   Until then picked up a large beard and fashion brands for autumn-winter campaign as one man involved models with full beard - Suit Supply, Brunello Cucinelli, Oscar Jacobson, likes, Ermenegildo Zegna, Sir Oliver, McNeal, and probably many others. Men with beard, there was also the campaigns of Bytom and Vistula. Anyway, both of these campaigns deserve recognition.

Deciding on the beard, keep in mind that: 

- beard look older and adds seriousness, 
- should take care of it regularly, people who decide to beard, thinking that free themselves from the obligation of shaving are wrong, 
- every hair on the face, especially the big beard changes the shape of the face and not everyone will be fit. 

And you, what do you think of lush beards? They have a chance to get back on the faces of young men?

Stormy Boy

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