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Mariano Di Vaio As A Fashion Discovery In 2012

   Mariano Di Vaio is a name know everyone who is interested in fashion and keep track of his actions on the fashion blog. This handsome and with only 23 years old italian earned the sympathy of many people impeccable beauty and a great sense of style.

  Watch out, this guy can do everything. Mariano Di Vaio is 23 years old and many fashion lovers around the world. Knock personal charm, grace and a sense of style.

   Mariano was born in Assisi, Italy in 1989. He moved to London in 2008 when he was just 18teen years old! Raised in Hammersmit, Mariano developed a unique talent into acting and modeling, to be one of the most exciting new star to come out the UK in 2010.

   He first worked in Italy when he was 17-year old, and now he is trying to pursue his career first in London, then he has been selected to get a scholarship for "New York Film Academy" here in NY. He has been on "Vogue" most times and recently in TV.Right now he is studying in one of the best Academy in the world such as "New York Film Academy" to improve his talent!

    His popularity is increasing day by day which can be easily seen on Facebook where more than 30,000 fans. It has become a fashion icon as well as an inspiring guys what to dress to make it fashionable and comfortable. He is the best role model! Mariano has a wide range of choices depending on the situation. Everyone is able to find a blog something for everyone, both for work and for evening party. His blog is a kind of bottomless mine of ideas which I really like.

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