lunes, 12 de noviembre de 2012


Two weeks ago, ended with Fashion Week in Lodz. Fashion Festival in Lodz was held for the seventh time and was better, bigger and more spectacular than the last. For the first time in the organizations involved shows prestigious New York agency IMG, which manages the fashion weeks in New Your and Berlin. On the catwalks we had the pleasure to see the collections of famous designers as well as beginners. In the front row sat journalists, buyers and bloggers. Fashion Week is a meeting of all those whose greatest passion is fashion.

Polish Fashion Week attracts a lot of personality. Bloggers, stylists, fashion illustrators - they, in addition to design, make it an event is growing, it is noticed and appreciated around the world. This year's Fashion Week in Lodz all winter surprise. But their outfits are not gray or sad. On the contrary. Poles love fashionable colors and hot, flashy extras.

FASHION PHILOSOPHY POLAND FASHION WEEK is the largest fashion event in Poland. Nobody comes here just to pose on the red carpet, drink champagne or show up in the limelight. Here there are experts, fashion editors, stylists, buyers, and most of all pasjonacji and bloggers. It is here that is born in Lodz, Poland fashion.

                                                                                          COLLECTION SPRING - SUMMER 2013



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