viernes, 28 de diciembre de 2012


                                                                                                         LANVIN for New Year's Eve

   It's time to start thinking about the New Year's Eve dress. For those women who do not yet know what to wear, I prepared a cheat sheet of trends in the carnival this year offers us a brand LANVIN.

    As every year, a sure bet for the carnival are prom dresses with sequins - black, gold, silver, and for lovers 80s disco climates or Roisin Murphy - multicolored. Spectacular are still creations of tulle. Globed "tutu" has already entered the canon of timeless clothes, but still impressive. And what about the seasonal novelties? Baroque dominated by dresses decorated with gold embroidery and pearls, creations of leather or leather inserts and kaleidoscopic pencils with super slimming properties. For those women who offer styling 20s style evening dress suggest a "flapper" in the lead role.

   Styling on this the only night of the year requires a lot of commitment. If you do not like to run around the store, make suggestions online boutique designers. Dresses ordered over the internet is the perfect solution for women who want to save time, and the only night of the year to wear something special. When buying a network, you have less chance of repeating the creation colleagues from the table next to, but you should be well aware of your size and orientation in different sizes. Note, the post office does not always work perfectly, so this is the last moment to order your dream dress!

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