sábado, 30 de marzo de 2013

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                                                                                                         CYCLING LOVE FOR FASHION

 Hey guys what's up? Whether you already have prepared for the coming of spring? Although winter still holds probably already want to think about those warmer days. Spring is a good excuse to give up the car and public transport and change for BIKE. Nothing as yet does not improve mood and movement in the open air in your favorite clothes. Right?

 Men all over the world at once more moving around the city on bikes. It's a global phenomenon! J. Linderberg is one of the brands that design for people opting for this new, eco-friendly means of transport. They offer full of clothes with a special cut, with pockets, with materials to facilitate movement on the bike. An example is a suit with reflective trim on the cuffs and leg navy pants - not only stylish but also practical.

 With a nice idea also went to H&M in cooperation with Brick Lane Bikes of East London created a line of clothing for bike riders who appreciate the style and convenience.
Men's collection, consisting of 11 pieces of clothing is available from 7 March at selected H & M stores in Poland.

 Remember that the main role of a well-chosen outfit is not only good looks but also its comfort and functionality. Look for clothes that are ideally suited to both cycling and daily functioning at work. More and more people are choosing to commute by bike to work, to shop, to the meeting. View of a man on a bike in a suit does not surprise anyone anymore and inspires awe and is very much a plus.  
Take the plunge gentlemen!

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