domingo, 1 de septiembre de 2013

Bow tie is a higher degree of initiation.


Hello guys! How’s life going? Rainy Sunday persuaded me to write another entry. Today, the fire take BOW TIE. Do you like this part of your wardrobe? I hope so !!!

 Bow tie is style and elegance. Bow tie is eccentricity. Bow tie is a higher degree of initiation. How to wear it?

    Bow tie is the perfect way of letting go "fashion" of the eye. Carried in casual or even half stylizations sports - polo shirt, shorts and jackets - bow tie, "she says," that the owner knows the trends and canons, but also free them plays, not allowing them to be limited. In a word - has its own style.

    For a taste of old world and due to the fact that the bow tie is harder to forge than a tie, it does not belong to the most popular items of clothing. It's a shame, you might want to change that!

   When you take the bow tie (when, not if - I really recommend), remember that you do not need to assume the tails (though they will fit together perfectly). Do not limit yourself to the formal styling. And if so, should it break - for example, create a patterned shirt and colorful shoes.

  Today, more and more can be found in the company of a more informal denim shirt, cardigans and sweater. Everything depends on our imagination. Just remember that if we choose styling casual bow tie with tweeds, wool and other more informal fabrics. Satin and silk leave in the evening.

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