lunes, 4 de enero de 2016

Drawers - a nightmare childhood


- embarrassing underwear

There are a few men's items of clothing that do not function as decorative, but only usable. A good example are the drawers that would hardly be visually appealing. No, but in winter they are often useful. However arouse extreme feelings: for some it's embarrassing and never in my life I can not wear them, for others it is a necessary addition.

Drawers for many men evoke unpleasant memories of kindergarten, although this is still an element typically masculine, so that long today have forgotten, history. A hundred years ago wore them almost every gentleman.

Over the past several years drawers actually went out of use. The climate is changing, the winters are not so cold. He has also changed lifestyle: now the majority of people moving cars and therefore does not feel cold temperatures as it once was. Added to this are overheated offices, shopping malls and well insulated apartments and houses. But I'm just not the person motorized and recently often think about buying pants.

It's hard to be seen in terms of visual, because the assessment is unambiguous. The man in tight pants will never look good. But it is only underwear and so must be considered, although of course it is worth looking for something that is as eager to assume.

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