jueves, 17 de noviembre de 2016

Winter Is Coming!

Too Cold 

Hello people ;) It is time to reflect on the purchase of warm jacket or coat. Here I would like to offer you some options, that are sure to prove themselves during the cold winter.


   Winter is fast approaching and it's time to think about buying a warm jacket or coat. What overcoat choose the best? For those who do not like winter, and worse I hate this time of year is best to check the jacket a native of Alaska. The larger, warmer and more extensive jacket all the better. This season, the best bet on black quilted feather in the middle, can be dull fur hood.
   Very stylish in this season are aviator jackets. Leather jacket lined with sheepskin can be your favorite winter mantle. Jackets of this type are universal - fit both with jeans and boots and tracksuits and sneakers. No problem in the stores we can find a safe and sober color: brown or black.
   For the brave proposes coat type Sherlock Holmes. It is not extravagance. Double-breasted coat in a plaid can find your favorite element of the wardrobe. on the day you can wear it with jeans and sneakers, on the evening of velor pants and golf. Things seemingly strange sometimes versatile!
   Supporters of the Scandinavian peninsula may choose typical for this region duffle coat zipped mostly on pins and straps. It's a distinctive item of clothing, it is best not to do the competition. Black cardigan or turtleneck underneath, and simple trousers are the perfect choice. Choose the color of pomegranate, olive or light brown.

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