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                                                                                  TAKING THE FASHION WORLD BY STORM

    Here I am, completely by a chance, and maybe it's not a matter of chance, what if it had to be like this ?! A proposal was made - so I am for. Young with a fresh and critical view of fashion world, with a head full of ideas, always on the run, fond of challenges - here is the whole myself.
    My first article I would like to dedicate to someone whose show the whole Warsaw recently was waiting for. Although he is young, day by day with increasing experiences, new ideas and a life goal which is to fulfill himself in what he does best - designing.

   DAMIAN NOWACKI, creator of MADOX DESIGN is the designer of the younger generation. On a daily basis he is a normal boy who loves cycling, jogging, and literature of war. He does not consider himself as a media person, he prefers to remain anonymous rather than the brand he created which he would like to be more and more recognizable. The idea of designing appeared in his head about 8 years ago. After arriving in Warsaw, innocent dream became a reality.

   The beginnings are always difficult. He didn't graduate from any art school, he learnt everything himself, what now gives him immense satisfaction. He began designing from pants because - he says - he experienced lack of them. He felt the need of having something original what would not be worn by others . The inspiration for him are people, their lifestyle, and what he pleases he includes in his projects.

   MADOX DESIGN is a young Polish brand addressed to young people, but not only, because pants are of interest to various groups of age due to the fact that you can wear them in many ways. Pants have a unique cutting and a bold combination of materials. Madoxies - are the pants for brave people who like to stand out, they guarantee a spectacular entrance. Collection MADOX DESIGN has been joined recently by bow ties, original and fancy, for stylish men but not only.

   The main goal which Damian sets at present is entering a foreign market. His projects, in my opinion and the designer are likely to be well received in foreign market.
    A new collection that I had the chance to see during one of the most important fashion events - WARSAW FASHION STREET 2012 - aroused great enthusiasm, not only in me. Apart from pants also T-shirts, shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, coats, shorts could be admired - all in muted colors.

    I am already awaiting a show of next collection, and would like to encourage all of you to buy at least one thing from the collecton MADOX DESIGN, because every one of you should have at least one such a thing in your wardrobe ;) 

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