miércoles, 1 de agosto de 2012

Milan - city of most appetizing men

                                                                                   MILAN - City Of Most Appetizing Men

    Recently my friends said that I was too capital-centered. Only Warsaw and Warsaw !!!. What can I do that I love this town so deep, unrequited love? Beyond Warsaw, now I love MILAN as well. MILAN is in its absolute and ostentatious workaholism similar to Warsaw. In contrast to my beloved city of Milan can enjoy a delicious saffron risotto with antidepressant and one of our pork chop they call cotoletta alla milanese. True that nicely ?

   There is one thing that attracts me in MILAN more than in Warsaw. It's men! Perhaps in New York are more interesting, and in Paris are more intelligent (in Warsaw are eager), but in MILAN is the largest concentration of testosterone and pheromones. Men in tailored shirts crossbow (not just me) much more than the fair sex. None of them pretend that stood before the mirror 10 minutes, after all the shows they want, like and need to look good. Instead of unisex baggy clothes men wear well tailored clothes emphasizing the muscular shoulders and broad shoulders. Yum !!!

   No trace of pale, put down and cherished impotence - everything is so sensual, appetizing, entices and wants. No one can deny the sun here, bread, or sex. All tuck here and a fat mozzarella ham and spumante before dinner is so obvious here as a little morning espresso. The Italians have a completely different approach to bubbles. In Milan, prosecco to drink non-stop - the only meal which does not fit, then breakfast. There is even Mohito prosecco - instead of rum and sparkling water to drink it with lime and Martini Bianco. And how you could not love Italy!


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