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The hottest place this year already opened - MYSIA 3

                                                                     The hottest place this year already opened - MYSIA 3

MYSIA 3 is a modern type of commercial space and a new concept store investment located in the heart of the capital. The building is located in the vicinity of Three Crosses Square, next to the luxury giant - a department store vitkAc

 In MYSIA 3 under one roof three floors were unique brand, which is found in no other place in Warsaw, among others. Take a NAP and NAP CONCEPT STORE, COS, Universal Clothing Company, UEG, My Paris Mellow Yellow, cookie / Kowalski, Berries & Co, Sperry Top-Sider, NY CITY - lingerie boutique Elle McPherson, HankyPanky and DKNY and atelier of Dawid Woliński.

 At the opening of the MYSIA 3 in this special evening attended by crowds of distinguished guests. At the entrance to the building waiting charming hostesses dressed in mice, urging to leave business cards, one of the highlights of the evening was in fact a lottery. The event took place throughout the building. Guests can easily visit the boutiques, or go to the third floor to listen to the music, which prepared the DJ Caslavinieri and view a multimedia presentation of works by Anna Halarewicz. Censorship in the bar guests can enjoy delicious snacks and a glass of wine being poured straight from the barrel. Waiters handed out glasses of wine and snacks besides circled around the building, as hostesses La Vanille, treating sweet mini muffins decorated with the logo MYSIA 3

 However, the charm of the event relied primarily on the fact that the guests circled the building, peering into shops, covenant, choose, buy and just enjoyed. Each of the shops has prepared a special surprise - snacks, sweets and occasional discounts. Enjoyed great popularity in black cotton candy, which was served in a boutique cookie / Kowalski, encouraging to see the new black collection. It was nice to look at adult men, walking in wool on a stick and fry it with childlike joy.

A charming way to attract the attention of visitors was a boutique My Paris - in the hall on the second floor was a mime dressed as Pierrot, who handed out business cards and graceful gesture invited to visit the boutique at the Mellow Yellow shoes lovely smile and a warm word salesperson greeted Anna and Dominika

Among the guests who attended the official opening of the MYSIA 3 were many representatives of the media, business, the arts and culture. Our invitation is accepted, many celebrities, including
Dawid Woliński, Mikołaj Komar, Filip Bajon, Michał Olszański, Marysia Góralczyk, Agnieszka Fitkau-Perepeczko, Mariusz Czerkawski, Monika Małkowska, Anna Męczyńska, Kasia Sokołowska, Ada Fijał.

 ( Press Release STUDIO 69 )

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