martes, 2 de octubre de 2012



4 AND 5 (Thursday / Friday) OCTOBER

OPEN DAYS HOURS 10.00-20.00

New Concept Business MYSIA 3 invites all three!

MYSIA 3 is a unique place combining the world of fashion, art and design. This is where you will find a brand that is found in no other place in Warsaw, including Take a NAP and NAP CONCEPT STORE, Universal Clothing Company, COS, UEG, My Paris Mellow Yellow, Sperry Top - Sider, cookie / Kowalski, Berries & Co. NYCity lingerie and Elle McPherson, HankyPanky and DKNY.

Unique shops MYSIA 3 prepared on the occasion of the open days many surprises - from sweet treats such as cotton candy extravagant black the great attractions such as the black photo session performed by an experienced portraitist - Thomas Slezak, consulted experts in the field of healthy sleep and origami workshops conducted by brand MUJI.

In these days of 13.00, will make pleasant shopping Caslavinieri Cai DJ, playing in the lobby on the ground floor.

On Friday, October 5 at 19.00, the music sounds on the third floor of the MYSIA 3! Our Open days finish concert group of Popculture.

MYSIA 3 invites you to shop and to the third floor - the concert and the bar Censorship!


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