jueves, 18 de abril de 2013

Men's wardrobe in yellow.

                                                                                                           YELLOW TIME ;)

Hello my friends!
Do you want a boost of positive energy? Simple enough to invest in original styling game where the main roles YELLOW. Adds energy, light, delighting us with optimism and joy.
Fashion is all its shades, from pastel to the strong canary. Yellow is best combined with gray, white, beige and brown. He found in the collections of brands such as Louis Vuitton, Jil Sander, Gucci, Enrico Coveri, Lacroix, Cavali

 American style.
Sunny days are the best time to go crazy with yellow color! Just put on the popular shorts that assume a major role in the styling! In order to balance the whole set, select a white t-shirt and comfortable shoes vans. When it gets colder, just gray-blue blouse straight from the American College

Yellow elegance!
Who said that the color yellow can not become a part of the elegant styling? Another suggestion is to call a formal style with a fun color. Styling that breaks clichés and creates individual style. Yellow jacket for men, fastened with two buttons in a set with white shirt and dark blue trousers is true stylistic hit. Will be complemented, cult already this season in the form of light shoes moccasins in brown shade of gray. Elegance and fun colors in one!

The best example that men in Poland also feel that yellow color is great styling Łukasz Jakóbiak. Does not he look great?

Łukasz Jakóbiak

 Yellow in toli homepage!
Free Style Groom and novice hipster is something you are looking for? Select the set, which certainly you turn your attention! Yellow jacket transmitted through the head, paired with bright, rubbed on her knees jeans certainly will stand out from the crowd. Perfect addition will cap with colorful print. At the end of trampeki brand black converse!

Yellow as a supplement!
The last suggestion is more balanced styling, but it lacks the accent color scheme! Plaid shirt paired with bright jeans shorts seems like too monotonous? Could use some color? That's easy! Instead of the usual sneakers, choose the ones in yellow, and the whole styling and original take on the word!

Remember! The person identifies with the color yellow is sociable, talkative, and returned to the people. Maybe it is the fashion we can find part of his personality.


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