lunes, 17 de junio de 2013

Gentlemen, show legs ...

                                                                                                      Gentlemen, show legs ...

   Who would have thought that the shorts can arouse much controversy. Some of us are convinced by them during the Summer or in hot weather, there are some guys who have never set up to shorts for the more formal occasions or just like Tom Ford who said that "A man should never wear shorts in the city," Great designers promote shorts - COMFORTABLE, ELEGANT and more FASHIONABLE.

   The precursor to wear shorts, we can consider Thom Browne, tight dresses in the collections of Browne's long shorts are often combined with short jackets: the creases, double cut and narrow flaps refer to the 60 It is believed to be suitable for the city, as well as chic pants.

   The elegant neighborhoods in New York, and Williamsburg and the Lower East Side, in cafes, shopping or at flea markets is anticipated elegant men in shorts, often hand in hand with summer jackets and shirts with plaid cotton. This kind of attitude also we can see in Europe, where fashionable young men in shorts buy a baguette in the Marais in Paris or wave for a taxi to Hoxton Square, London.

   The current revival of shorts, if you can call it that reflect recent male fashion shows in New York, Paris and other places. Although this trend is not new, short shorts now appear with considerable regularity during the shows as diverse designers like Michael Bastian, Giorgio Armani, Tommy Hilfiger and Prada.

   What to wear with shorts? Hmm? You can bet the shoes of Brooklyn, or as Bonnie Morrison, was the editor of "Men's Vogue", proposes choose Blucher moccasins, inserted or laced. But if we want a freer design does Morrison recommends sailing boots or tennis shoes Adidas Stan Smith.

 The decision regarding what to wear over pants, is simple. Always a good idea to call shorts with a shirt with long sleeves, usually sunk into pants, but this may not always be a t-shirt. If the temperature will also assume the jacket.

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