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SHIRT - important element the male wardrobe.

                                                  It’s always good to see a Man in SHIRT.            

Hello my friends!     
We all know that the best shirt ever is the tailored one, and this wants to be a credit to the best and oldest ( One of the oldest) jobs ever. It is an essential element in any men's wardrobe. I am convinced that there is no man in the world who didn't have no shirt.  

     Man in a shirt is always more attractive to a woman than a man wearing a T-shirt. What's more is always more attractive even when wearing only a shirt and panties. If a man wants to make an impression on a woman, and no idea what to change in your appearance it can start to look for relevant shirts. Why? Because since I was still photography and film rewind to us before your eyes handsome guys in shirts. Manipulation? No, just the best looking man in a shirt!

     The shirt was once just underwear, and a white shirt it was hard to hide the dirt. because a man in a white shirt had to be well-born, wealthy, etc .... Finally, someone else could afford to keep a white shirt clean. Today, in addition to the white man's shirt most popular and versatility of enjoying the blue, but in the blue shirt, you need to pay attention to the color tone.

     Big fan of the garment is the designer Tom Ford, who cares for several years to film James Bond always wore perfectly matched and snow-white shirts. One important issue when choosing a model is the type of material. If it is thin can shine through, which necessitates wearing a T-shirt.

     Despite the changes that have undergone shirt for men is that the way you wear or the colors or the designs and materials - always somewhere in the background echoes that once was considered underwear. That is why a man with his shirt open for a woman as attractive as the image of a man in his underwear.

     David Beckham proves that the shirts look great even if you have tattooed arms, and soooo short haircut. Well-chosen shirts add to the array and does not take away the secret power of masculinity and good looks are matched shirt. Fitted ie that which highlight the broad masculine shoulders. Therefore, if a man does not have a problem with a really big belly, it's better to look at shirts sidecut (SLIM). Besides the shirts of many, many more are more comfortable to wear under the jacket.


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