martes, 20 de agosto de 2013

Pocket square - "dot the i" in the masculine styling

Details ! I Love !!!

  Pocket square - a decorative, square, hand-stitched handkerchief, which is increasingly found in casual stylizations. Most commonly, it is done using silk, linen and cotton in different designs and colors.

   Although this supplement is a simple piece of cloth, the right choice is not as easy as it might seem. When preparing styling with pocket square, keep in mind a few important principles. First of all, it is not for everyone !  Pocket square adds confidence and proves that the man who decides to diversify the dress, is aware of his good style. Empty paisley in jacket or coat is not an error.

   A little easier and instructed how to make a pocket square. On the Internet, you can easily find instructional videos that will guide the meanders of art. Pocket square arranged perpendicular to the edge of a classic paisley. It can be easily slide on one side, which will give the dynamic styling. You can also highlight the center of the pocket square or enhance the stacking two, three or four corners. Which is therefore the possibility to choose? The one that most appeals to us.

   Not without significance is the size pocket square, which should be further adapted to the size of paisley. It is therefore a little search to find the right one for you. While in Poland, pocket square, despite experiencing the Renaissance, there is still a niche part of dressing, you can buy in a specially designed additional online stores or ask the stores with suits.

 Hope you loved it.
Stormy Boy ;)

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