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Hello my friends, how's life going? 
Fortunately, it ended up a working week, and I longed for the moment to breath.
 Since I received a lot of questions about shoes autumn, then today I would like to show you the shoes, which in my opinion are: stylish, timeless and very versatile. 
I hope that everyone will find something for everyone.

With the end of summer and beginning of autumn rain most of us realize that it is high time to visit the shoe store. Summer shoes for men usually are not suitable for this, to walk in them in October, we are left with is not anything else but to make a replacement.

In theory, this is not a difficult task, because we know that great men's shoes for fall should primarily be comfortable and made ​​of solid materials, but it turns out that even when shopping happen to make some pretty serious mistakes. What should we pay attention?

A major mistake that men make choosing shoes for men, is also a selection of shoes that do not fit our style or other garment. This is the fault of succumbing impulses while shopping. At first, we are confident that did the right thing, at some point we realize, however, that quite attractive shoes will be hidden at the bottom of the cabinet, and we'll be forced to make another purchase, this time will be characterized by a greater degree of sense.

The problem may be the fact that choosing men's shoes tend to forget about their price. It seems to us that we are not talking at all about the high cost of their purchase, but when we begin to analyze our expenses come to the conclusion that men's shoes were not worth as many money as you spent to buy them.

CHUKKA BOOTS my opinion is one of the most stylish and versatile shoes for autumn season. The classic chukka is distinguished by a simple form with a round toe, 2 or 3 holes and thin sole. It's a great boots that fit virtually all outside the formal suit and dress typically sport.

Subsequent boots which often can be seen in the male rate is classic ankle boots, originally used for horse-riding and now very popular in the casual fashion. JODHPUR BOOTS have a simple form with a rounded tip and that do not have binding or side sliders. Currently Jodhpur boots found in a wide style from shoes with a rough, working to elegant, made ​​of full grain leather, a thin sole.

The final model of shoes that I can suggest is a classic shoes in high version - ENGLISH SHOES. This is the most elegant shoes of those that I can suggest. The shape of the shoe is quite the same as in the classical półbutach but Upper reaches the ankle. Shoes such we can assume the suit but in a daily version, the evening dress, unfortunately, have to be classic shoes.

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