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Now I relax away from Warsaw and decided to catch up.
Two weeks ago I had the pleasure to participate in the premium fashion event that took place in Lodz. Today I will try to bring you the Fashion Philosophy Fashion Week Poland.

The city, which until recently was associated with basin factories, now surprisingly bold revitalization and creative use of unique architecture. Changing your face becomes the center of fashion, creative industries and new technologies. Łódź by many to be compared to New York because there has just created a new fashion and lifestyle. Fashion Week Poland is growing in strength. It has a chance to become the most important event dedicated to fashion in Central Europe.

Two weeks ago, ended with one of the biggest fashion events in Poland FashionPhilosophy Fashion Week Poland. There were three very intense days filled to the brim with fashion. The whole event is not just a fashion show. As part of the event we are dealing with fashion shows, showroom area, training, let them know, open lectures, exhibitions of photographs and video projections. It is here that takes care of the businesses, expanding contacts, enriched style, collects information about trends and stores energy for the next season.


It was the most awaited show are OFF. I guess none of us did not disappoint. From the music through a variety of materials used, styling, up to the end result. All formed a coherent whole, very readable, and most importantly, catchy and positive.


Rat Salad Collection is a collection of bold and diverse. We find a printed, embossed, stripes, colors, sequins, camo, leather and suits. Collection attracted huge media interest, but also potential customers, who frequently came to the designer area to see, touch, try on different proposals.


This show certainly gained many fans not only because they showed the designer collection but also for the manner of its presentation. After strolling barefoot runs half naked, athletic young men. It was hard to focus on the same collection. Willy-nilly eyes focused on other strengths of the show. Show attracted a lot of emotion. In addition to the aforementioned group of models at the show, as it often happens in the designer, appeared in models having different looks, different features, different figure. Clothing bearing the label "PTASZEK" is for everyone. I liked accounted for red sweatshirt with foam. This is my current must-have.


Everybody Loves Basic. The re-collection of the line by Łukasz Jemioł perfectly demonstrates. Show roused the audience and you could feel the positive energy in the room which gave the designer himself. This show was different, divided into three parts. Each of them had their superhero and his single promising. There were suggestions of Batman in the background, proposals Supermen or Bugs Bunny Looney Tunes. As for the form of the designer is the proven classics, you will not find in the collection of more surprises, no, unless it comes to color. Very good collection.


This discovery off the second day OFF shows! In the collection you can find a lot of capes, dresses, cloths using a transparent material, which I personally been associated with rain-capes, which wore in his youth. Could spring 2014 was going to be rainy? The combination of black, white and neon shades of yellow you hit the jackpot. Dresses and T-shirts covered Copyright graphics. The collection shows a concrete idea of ​​the styling.


The collection, which we admire is nothing but a sporty elegance presented silhouettes are perfect, every detail fits, styling thought out and coherent whole. The basic black and white designer lit up bile and grays. The various proposals were once more the designer street innmrazem elegant. The designer also introduced its variation on the suits, men's shirts and suits. I keep my fingers crossed for KAMIL as will soon be a member of the "Designers at start".


Designers make Nenukko present models of lush, notched her hair, interspersed with scarves or rolled up in a turban, the eyes tend to have sunglasses with a chain, which are the perfect complement to the collection, and the frame of a pair of shoes thrown. Designers have their audience accustomed to the fact that they form a conceptual fashion. Their product right after the show could land on the Polish street. On the catwalk we saw the characteristic mark outer labels of the brand logo, gold bathing suits, long coats in black and white plaid overalls with marble-jeansowego material. It's definitely a successful collection that I personally associate with NIKE products.


At the very beginning is to be commended for live music during slide shows MMC group BE.MY always look great, and so it was this time. Even before any model on the catwalk she already started to show. thanks guys in the band BE.MY that his electrifying, positive music, introduced the audience mostly in a good mood. Models swiftly overcame the paddock, the entire show closed Joanna Horodzyńska. Designer duo goes beyond products over size, simple styles and basic colors. In this collection, there was a frilly, zwiewnymi dresses, mini with a loose top, pants with airy material, skirts in the shape of the letter A, and all the strong colors of orange, green, gray, silver.


This is a designer who creates luxurious collections for women. His desire is that the brand was not only a commercial venture, but also a creative force in the arts. He draws inspiration from contemporary art, architecture and music. It creates jobs, combining their own vision of how it should be dressed woman, and faith in the old craftsmanship and attention to detail.


In the previous edition of Lodz Fashion Week wowed everyone with her eyes on fashion for men. Viewers praised show great coats pepitkę, critics wondered about the applications used in the show `s New Balance, bloggers raved form, and the men finally have a place to get dressed. On the catwalk we saw a simple form, solid materials and subdued colors. It would be nice to watch men dressed from head to toe in designer clothes.

FashionPhilosophy ninth edition of Fashion Week Poland ended two weeks ago, but the emotions associated with it will be more durable. By April, we will work on a fully charged battery, then go to the next edition of the Lodz Fashion Week in order to be able to enjoy the eye of new projects and proposals designers for autumn 2014.

Foto by  9. FashionPhilosophy Fashion Week Poland, fot. Lukasz Szelag/Moda Forte

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