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London freedom and tradition

Hello my friends, how's life going?
 I have not written because either traveling or working a lot and I apologize. I hope that my article about London compensate you my negligence. This is my next big love on the European map.
Enjoy reading ;)

   The trendy places drunk tea and Victorian museums exposed to the avant-garde fashion. LONDON is a blend of tradition and modernity. Phenomenal Vwienne Westwood dresses lined Scottish card. Street guys inspire both the Sex Pistols and the Queen Elizabeth.

   The climate of this city is not to forget. This is where you can meet open, honest and real people. Brits in themselves are inimitable. Their style is nothing but a combination of old and new. They can combine clothes from chain stores with expensive achievements of the High Street, elegant things vintage with torn jeans.

  London - here debut talents, which quickly becomes loud. Here are born trends that we see later on catwalks other fashion capitals.

   Nowhere in the world fashion is not so brave, so dynamic and yet so close to man. And in no other city career did not start so many designers that moment later occupy the position of creative directors largest fashion houses in the world. Therefore, in addition to London editors, stylists and millionaires attracts a lot of bloggers, photographers, street fashion trend hunters. - London is the most inspiring place in the world. Young Londoners do not like to follow the trends. They prefer them to create

 London is the new fashion capital. And in the reign Kate Middleton and ... Alexander McQueen, who committed suicide after been hailed as the greatest genius of tailoring the last decade.

   A stylish London comes some of the biggest fashion icons of today : Alexa Chung and Kate Moss . Celebrities love London and love to make expensive purchases here .

   Officially in London is 30 thousand . stores , of which 3 thousand  in the center . The main shopping street Oxford Street is a few kilometers in length and are there major clothing companies like Gap, H & M, Benetton and several department stores , the largest of which is Selfridges opened in 1909, the British stylist , Trinny and Susannah , although they are not followers of the centers commercial Selfridges recommend as a place where every woman will find something for themselves. On this street there is a five- TOPSHOP , designed for the collection of Kate Moss . For rich BOND STREET is more than 400 of the most elite art galleries and the largest auction houses , najświetniejsi jewelers - Tiffany , Cartier and Georg Jenson and najmodniejsi fashion designers : Valentino, Chanel, Lagerfeld , Donna Karan . It turns out that the stars can be found not only in exclusive boutiques, but also on an oriental bazaar at PORTOBELLO ROAD NOTTING HILL ​​neighborhood . There tend to be a model Kate Moss and Sophie Dahl , designers Stella McCartney , Matthew Williamson . Celebrities including Sienna Miller , Madonna , Sting, also do not shun the markets of Covent Garden, where you can stock up on stylish clothes in second- handach , as well as in modern boutiques Nicole Farhi , Agnes B, Paul Smith , Jones ( at Floral Street ) and Michiko Koshino . Near Covent Garden is THE IVY - the so-called . restaurant successful people , where you can eat roast wild halibut with sauce béarnaise . There view format celebrities Victoria Beckham , Gwyneth Paltrow and ambushing in adjacent gates of the paparazzi is on the agenda . 

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