domingo, 10 de noviembre de 2013

Autumn bestseller - QUILTED JACKET

Hello my friends, how is it going?
 Sunny morning in Warsaw fills me very optimistic about the positive energy     
and I hope not only for today but also for the coming week.
And you've already drank your coffee?? If you haven't drunk that this post is perfect to read it with a cup of good strong coffee.
Enjoy reading ;)

   Undoubted hit of the season are quilted jacket. Find them at almost any store in the mall, but also in the more expensive brands, which are not new. What is even two years ago, it was rare, now becoming commonplace and quilted jackets can be seen on the streets more and more. Simply currently fashionable style is country, and as you know quilted jackets are part of it. This does not mean that you should stop wearing them, because they have become so popular. Classic quilted jackets are timeless.

  Quilted jacket associated mainly with polyester cloth, or a polyamide with a distinctive luster. Today, beyond jackets with quilted flannel wool can also buy jackets and vests.

   If anyone is looking for something unique and original, it's quilted flannel jackets are a good choice. The use of fabric more elegant and noble that makes this jacket is just prettier and more elegant. On the one hand we have a fashion typical country-style jackets, on the other hand, it is typical of the elegant fabric jacket or thin coats. Extremely successful combination of the two extreme styles.

 Flannel jackets and coats look best in sets of warm materials with an autumn-winter. Cotton oxford shirt or thin jeans, cashmere sweaters, wool ties and scarves. You already have your quilted jacket? If you have not time to enrich your wardrobe for the autumn must-have.

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