domingo, 27 de julio de 2014

Eyeglasses - not only makes life easier, but it also beautifies.

eyeglasses - YES or NO?

Hey guys whats’up? Today I would like to hare theme prescription glasses. Some time ago, my friend Maciek took me to the optics in order to select the frames. The case ended up in that he bought new glasses a choice I do not regret to this day. And if you have a problem with the selection of the relevant holders following article may to some extent help to choose the best fit. Good luck in choosing the most appropriate. 

   Panic are afraid to put on his glasses, because it seems to you that you will not look at them attractive? I do not want to lose their masculine sex appeal, so considering the lens? Fortunately, times black, metal frames are long gone and now you have to choose a range of different shapes, colors and materials - a combination of plastic with metal, leather and even jeans or even wood! What you will learn how to select the shape of glasses for your face shape, which take into account selecting the color and how to emphasize their natural attributes of its beauty.

   Searching for the perfect glasses for you to seek two ways: the first is longer and consists of measuring the turn different models holders. Finally, you will find the right ones, but why waste time and energy when you can take a shortcut? By choosing to optics, keep in mind three overarching principles.

1. Search for glasses that will be emphasized your natural strengths.
2. Pay attention to the shapes contrast with the oval of your face.
3. Adjust the size of frames to the size of your face.

   Small face in big glasses looks funny - is reminiscent of the grand-daughter who stole the glasses grandfather. The other way it works too - big face small the glasses seems to be ... even more! Triangular face with a narrow forehead and wide jaw will look great in glasses rimmed with a cat. Triangular face with a narrow chin and broad cusp-shaped forehead should be dressing in the bottom of the holder of sight, ie. nylon string or of transparent plastic. Holders in the shape of a walnut are ideal for men with oval faces. But this is not the only option - oval faces look great also rimmed rectangular, and even the cat. Best to try each of the options and select those in which we feel is best. To extend visually rectangular face, it is recommended to choose the narrow oval frames. Oblong face is longer than it is wide. Ideal for compensation ratio will be the holder of distinct temples, which extend through the face or the holder of a narrow bridge. To slim down a round face, it is best to invest in a rectangular, angular frames.

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