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Black in the wardrobe


Hey guys whats’up? Black clothes and inspirations.  Black in the majority of you associated with elegance and lofty events. I want to show you that black can also be tasty with the release of casual. That'll cover in today's article.

   Black and black clothes are by me in the early stages of interest in dress moved very heavily on the side. It was a meaningful activity because strictly related to elegance and sets circling around her. And what I think about the black now, when my mind is also open to casual? Black despite huge reluctance now is one of my favorites of the season autumn / winter and I reach for it very often choosing another garment.

   Black contrary to what we think - it is not neutral - it's like a snow-white color so striking color, which does not go into indifference. Somewhat problematic, but mostly during the day, at night, being a quiet backdrop for all other clothing. Looks best when the window we have a veritable gray, and it looks extremely bad during sunny days because of lightening the color of the sunlight creating an ugly, bleached and radiant black - the extreme what you absolutely do not want to achieve. Therefore, the usefulness of black items of clothing is the highest and looks best during the ugly days - ironically - creating great sets. In summary, we avoid the use of black items of clothing in the harsh light for use in her days surrounded by a gray aura, so rainy and cloudy, or when it is completely dark - then black eye looks nicest.

   Black is contrary to the bad connotations very easy to use color, what you see in the paragraph above. Of course, only if we use it in accordance with the purpose and the proper aura - a black reward the ideal, or will be a major nail in our set. Important!

- Black use only in sets of casual - never elegant in terms other than after dark or in the case of funeral ceremonies to be completed for the day. Smart-casual - never, regardless of the surrounding aura.

- Black looks best moved away from direct contact with the skin. Let me explain. In the case of our country - that is, people with a relatively light-skinned black face closer to creating very high contrast drawing from it a lot of color. Oh, bleaching her face closer to black. At the close association of black face can people afford Negroes, heavily tanned, or swarthy. Sam belong to such, but I feel close to his face black as balancing on the edge and play a high coefficient of loss. In addition, black as utilized best in the cool months of the year - inevitably there will be well presented with nieopalonej skin. Looks best on shoes and pants - as these things usually do not come into contact with bare skin. The same applies to the relationship between the shoes and pants - no socks "bite" in the eye of our pale skin. For the same reason this issue is absolutely correlated with an unusable black in the summer, notice it themselves. Shorts in black - are a bad choice, because they have a direct contact to our skin. In other words, go back to the first paragraph - do not use black in the summer and sunny days and do not allow for direct contact with the skin black.

- The easiest way to connect with black gray in a myriad of shades - limited only the imagination of the wearer. The best thing for its use are definitely pants. It is the combination of black pants, a gray sweatshirt and colorful shoes - is an absolute "basic" full blown. The combination of black and white - is no longer a question of a more severe due to the maximum to achieve contrast. Any combination of colors or color do not have the "power" as a combination of colors that are on completely opposite poles in all possible aspects. Is black suits sharp color? Fits most - the only colors that the black I do not play but at the same time I can quickly change the sentence is a delicate shades of pastel.

- Black spite of being black - beautifully presented on leather jackets and boots elegant, regardless of sunlight. Skin is incredibly beautiful material for the manufacture of jackets and shoes - and beautifully handles black representation during all weather conditions.

- I do not recommend black coats. Misrepresent us in a very exact in a dark stain. Neither trench coat or winter coat - nothing wrong here, but does not reject the possibility of finding interesting pictures of just such colors outerwear.

- Black color is the main base for streetwear'u and developed by his followers the "total-look" that sets where the main roles are played differences invoices or materials - colors, leaving only the black. Streetwear is a natural environment for black and none other people like that can not be so fond great lift on his shoulders black.

   You do not have black clothes in the wardrobe? I strongly recommend the purchase at the beginning of black jeans - as extremely useful, autumn and winter base version of our wardrobe that reflects of "gray-quiet". If you delight in the elegance - it's black shoes are a great complement wardrobe.

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