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 Jill Sander, Armani and Dolce & Gabbana are just a few of the many brands that in men's collections for spring / summer posed on the white total look. The color white itself has a strong position in the men's closet, but wearing her from head to toe is controversial. Courageous advise how to do it well.

   White in the men's fashion has two faces. On the one hand is the color of a stylish and luxurious. In a corresponding manner used in clothing and additives are added prestige, refines, softens the image. On the other hand, it seems to be unfortunately impractical (white clothes quickly get dirty) and too gentle (at least for men). Some also argue that it is boring (eg. In the form of a white shirt). It is, however, to convince her. Why? The guy in white more notes than the guy in the suit. White is versatile and expressive, easily catches the eye. How to use its properties?

   Although the white shirt appears to be boring and so should be in the male wardrobe. It's an absolute classic and duty of every man. White shirt has one major advantage, which gives it an advantage over the mass of other "interesting" pieces of clothing. It is ideal for almost every styling. It's not just office mousse, but also an excellent starting point for styling smart-casual, formal, as well as loose. White shirt perfectly matches both with elegant trousers and ordinary jeans. Condition? It must accordingly lie.

    White pants are not practical. Quickly they get dirty. All you have to sit in the wrong place, or will wipe out about a thankless railing or another, not quite pure object, and the whole effect is wasted. Although it is worth to have white pants in your closet. Especially in summer men's sets add lightness, strongly conspicuous, ennoble. Great will look primarily with darker top - blue shirt and navy jacket. Though not really a white trouser suits each color.

   White jacket looks very prestigious. Reminiscent of luxury yachts events or banquets in the residence Carrington. In order not to risk a kind of mannerism and posturing, better will be provided with a coat of off-white, or off-white. The less conspicuous than the luminous white, and still retains its elegant character. Assuming each other in the suit jacket, let us remember that it somehow break. Therefore choose darker additives, otherwise we will look like a white spot. White jacket with flax is the perfect choice for hot summer evenings. It is friendly to the body, and it looks downright delicious.

   Departing somewhat from the elegant dimension of whiteness, please mention the white T-shirts. In fact, these are the essence of masculinity. Both white, matching tank tops and white, adjacent to the cutaneous T-shirts, in a simple but effective way to highlight the muscles, conspicuous, look arcymęsko. You can have them in the closet more than one piece - well will be presented both in a set of simple chinosami in every color and finely honed jeans.

   White is associated with innocence, on the male body makes a great contrast. Distinct facial features, powerful silhouette, are also mitigated by the color white, as well as on your way embossed. Worth a try!

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