lunes, 11 de mayo de 2015

NIKE street look

NIKE !!!

Urban sports shoes bloom in the spring. Lots of colors, shapes, models. Finally, we walk around the city again with pleasure!

   In the end, we have a spring and we can forget about the heavy winter boots. In one of the warmer days we walk in comfortable shoes with pleasure and for the pleasure. In the spring password "comfortable shoes" and "stylish shoes" need not be mutually exclusive, since spring belongs to the sneakers. Urban sports shoe models are equipped us this season, NIKE is beyond our wildest expectations. NIKE shoes and a great blend of style completely free, casual, and elegant (outside the strictly formal situations where elegance is required from head to toe).

   It moves away from the belief that athletic shoes only worn to the gym or while playing a sport. Some believe that the only exception is the compilation of athletic footwear with blouse, t- shirt or jeans trousers. Below you'll see that we can easily connect to such type of shoes with a shirt and even his jacket. This style, which combines sports shoes with more formal elements of the male wardrobe is sometimes called "smart casual". The boundary including sports shoes with formal sets already so it is not surprising how many years ago.

There are no major problems with this, to combine the jacket with air max 90. You can even stick with the classic rules (eg. Color choose shoes under the belt). The styling quite unofficial you can choose the color of shoes even to the shirt. For people who like to have fun brave fashion recommend shoes in the color completely deviating from the entire set of clothes we have on. With this set show to the world that we have the character and the distance to life, and above all we feel comfortable. In a world where the company proposes a wide range of NIKE footwear both in terms of models, colors and designs not hard to be original, you have to have just an idea to yourself.

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