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                                                                                  " STREET STYLE "  - fashionable phenomenon

Some time ago, blogs featuring the so-called 'street style' became a phenomenon in the fashion market. Today there are hundreds on the internet and are a mine of ideas for those looking for their own style. Why are they so popular? First of all, the people photographed are more credible as opposed to the presentation of the catwalks or the styling of most bloggers. They're not trying to sell you something or the strength to impose binding style. These are the people that like the name suggests we meet on the street, dress as they feel every day. Street fashion can be a great source of inspiration for all those seeking creative and personal style of the people and for those who are in the field of clothing and styling don’t feel too confident the finished model.

Recently browsing facebook I came across a blog called VANITAs. I thought, Oh! another who wants to conquer the world ... but the maturity and confidence that you could see it in his eyes, as well as the simplicity and  transparency of the blog aroused my interest. You also should to know him!

Oliver who is the creator of VANITAs is a make-up artist working on a daily basis in an American company. In addition, Oliver learns as prosthetics and this is his future profession. As he says, healthy smile is a showcase of every man! IS TRUE! For some time he lead the blog, follow trends, sometimes sets himself individually. Is not a 'fashion victim' he has a healthy attitude to this. A lead blog don't excite him at all costs. Outside of work, like any normal person likes to eat well and go dancing! The weekend Oliver likes to meet and have a drink with friends, dance! More than  he train volleyball and we can also find him on the rolls.

   The idea of ​​VANITAs blog was born spontaneously at a party, and a friend began to talk about it. Loose talk on Saturday night, it was about six months ago. Oliver came to the conclusion that he dresses well, he was always interested in fashion, his friends make great pictures! He is also interested in photography, so satisfies all the conditions blogger! The same assumption was later blog, a little delayed, but enjoys that finally did it. Me too !!! ;)

   His style is rather quite loose, loves to mix and match things that look good, but also practical. He would not classify his style, or limited, because it really varies. He loves to combine and merge styles. Abhors his the glut of some bloggers, he does not want to look like a christmas tree, appreciates the simplicity. Oliver leaving home take a lot of gadgets with itself , for example, water bottle, book, newspaper, food, hence his penchant for backpacks or large bags. Blouses with prints, he does himself. He also love those with SUGARPILLS.

   Blogging gives him a lot of fun. Makes him the most joy to know that something will be after him, the mass of images, entries. It is for him a form of diary, which probably happy to come back to him for in twenty years, sitting on the couch with your loved ones, or at least has the hope! (laughs ;D) The second aspect of the present is more aware of the fact that he shares a bit with their lives, showing what he likes, places, clothes. He really enjoyed it all a message from the people and the fact that they like what he's doing.


    Looking for inspiration or guidance in the field of fashion?! You want to know Oliver and his blog VANITAs?!
 I invite you therefore to page;



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  1. bueno, es verdad todo lo que escribes sobre Oliver, le conozco y puedo decir que desde cuando le vi por la primera vez supe que es una de las personas que tienen su propio estilo y no van a seguir nada. es un buen articulo, saludos de Polonia x