viernes, 13 de febrero de 2015

RED in the wardrobe

Sexy men in red...

Hey guys whats’up? 

Do you have red clothes in your wardrobe? NO ?!?

You have to make up for these shortcomings ... will get in the eyes of others.

   Red clothes or remain in the environment, eg. the room, not to mention the additions of a reddish hue makes a man becomes more sexually attractive and appealing. YES, YES, gentlemen, the color of our clothing (and not only) can have a huge impact on how others perceive us.
   According to Professor. Andrew Elliot psychology from the University of Rochester, lure men dressed in red due to, among others, the fact that they seem more influenced by environment. "We have shown that men dressed in red, are seen as men of higher status, more opportunities to earn money and social advancement. And this assessment makes them feel more attracted"

   Why the red power? Scientists believe that the factors involved in both cultural and biological. In societies around the world red traditionally formed part of the insignia of power and wealth. In ancient China, Japan and sub-Saharan Africa, the vivid color signified wealth and high position. In ancient Rome, the most influential citizens literally called "the only ones who can wear red."

   Even today, emphasizing the confidence businessmen put red ties, and the stars appear and demonstrate their charms on the red carpet. To this he adds his two cents biology. For primates other than apes, for example. Mandrills and Gelada, red is a sign of male dominance and is most pronounced in the alpha male. The females mate more frequently mentioned species of alpha individuals that provide care for them in return and access to all sorts of goods.

   Academics found that the red effect was limited to status and love: a man in a red seemed to be stronger, more attractive and attracted more desire, but the color does not affect the assessment of his or sympatyczności socialization. A similar effect occurred in different cultures - students from the US, UK, Germany and China recognized the man in the red or in the surroundings of red is more attractive. Interestingly, the fiery color exclusively for women affected. In men, straight color presentation the other man did not affect the subject werdyktna. Do gay is similarly?

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