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Appropriate clothing for office: what to wear

Business Class

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Discreet elegance, subdued colors, well-tailored clothing items and carefully selected accessories are hallmarks of appropriate clothing for the office. MONDAY IN THE OFFICE.

 Each company has its own dress code, or style of dress as part of the corporate culture. In some companies the appropriate clothes to the office for a man is a smart suit, others allow for more flexibility and allow their employees to wear shirts in soft colors together with homemade pants corduroy, tweed or good quality cotton. All items of clothing must be able to lie on the body, which is not to be too tight nor too big. Makes a good impression proper color match the entire pledge. Are welcome here muted colors - white and black, gray, blue, dark blue, green or beige. A striking color can occur only in the choice of additives - tie, belt or binding of the watch glasses. It is worth remembering that if one part of the dress has a pattern, the rest should be smooth. Combining striped suit with a striped tie in the office looks inelegantly. Shoes and belt should be made of good quality leather and match the other elements of the outfit. The only jewelry suitable for the office is for men wedding ring and watch.

Business casual, as more casual business attire, do not require you to wear a tie, suit or jacket, but should still be elegant and aesthetic. Business casual is an everyday casual outfit to work, combining flexibility and elegance. It should be comfortable enough to feel the person bearing it freely and comfortably, but must maintain a class, which is necessary for a good image in the eyes of customers and business partners. In order to present a well-dressed business casual, remember a few important principles.

Business casual attire for men is characterized primarily by a lack tie. This is a principle that is worth to take into account - in the style business casual elegance excess is as unwelcome as her missing. In choosing a shirt is allowed a much wider range of colors than the typical business attire - important to be smooth, or in a discreet pattern. It should also have long sleeves. You can wear it with a dark jacket. An alternative to this set is elegant polo shirt combined with good quality sweater. Suitable pants for men should be elegant, pressed the edge and decorated in dark colors. Jeans or corduroys assumption is too far-reaching freedom and should be avoided. Footwear in business casual attire must be elegant - best present here shoes or loafers, black or brown. Sports footwear is advisable here.

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